I was born July 8th, 1954 in Hamilton, Ontario and have lived in this community my entire life, save and except for the post-secondary schooling including my Law school education. At the time of graduating Law, I decided to return to my “hometown” to establish my business and have continued practicing Law in Hamilton and surrounding area since my return to the community in 1979.

 My high school education was completed at Westdale School in Hamilton, a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Toronto, and Law Degree from Queens Law School in Kingston, Ontario, graduating in 1979.

I have operated my Law practice as a sole proprietor, with junior lawyers and/or associates since 1979. My practice is somewhat diverse in that I not only provide legal services in the area of Real Estate Law including both residential and commercial purchases, sales and refinancing, but also the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, Estates, Personal Injury and Criminal Law.

Mission Statement

I have always distinguished myself in the practice of Law based upon both the service and quality that I provide to the client. Our office will make the legal experience a pleasurable and informative one.

I, myself, personally deal with each and every client and make it a point of meeting with them and reviewing all legal aspects including documentation rather than allowing my staff to do so. In this way, I will ensure that my clients fully understand not only the process involved but the documents that they are signing.

My rates are fair, reasonable and competitive.

Finally, in my practice of law, I strive to provide a full service to my clients whether it be through a real estate transaction (sale, purchase or mortgage), the preparation of a Will and Powers of Attorney and Estate administration, incorporating a business, shareholder agreements, purchase/sale of assets/shares of a business/company, or even representing a client in the area of Criminal Law or Injury Law. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients where they can feel comfortable in contacting our office for advice and/or representation if and when the time comes.


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